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| 1 minute read

Media Summit 2019 - In the Age of Netflix, What is Next for Film?

Hugely privileged to have been on the first panel at DLA's Media Summit, where, together with my fellow panellists (Tom Ara, Anthony Mosawi, Sachin Dosani, Andy Mayson, Stuart Woodward and Andy Paterson), we discussed some of the trends and issues affecting the film industry in the age of instant gratification and Netflix. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Consumer is king: As consumer-driven content becomes the norm, is there room anymore in the film industry for the independent producer and independent movies?
  • Content is king, but are the incumbents considering the needs of all consumers all over the world? The likes of Netflix and HBO produce great content, but they are also careful to cater to all their audiences, from those with more Western tastes to those in Asia. There is a reason why Crazy Rich Asians did so well in the rest of the world but did rather poorly in China. Are movie studios doing enough to understand the Chinese market and the wants of the Chinese consumer? With more than 60,000 movie screens, China is now home to the most theatre screens in the world. What are movie studios doing to capture the Chinese market? 
  • Changing financing models: The likes of Netflix are able to offer more lucrative financing models to producers, and with that, greater certainty and lower risk. Does this spell the end of film financing as we know it, or does this simply mean the movie studio has to get more creative in shooting and releasing its movies? 


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