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Women's sport - a new chapter for spectator numbers and sponsorship..

Just two weeks after International Women's day, it is great to hear, in addition to huge spectator numbers, news of the £10million sponsorship of the Women’s Super League (WSL); including significant prize money.

This follows on, for example, from the sponsorship deal announced for Uefa women’s football in December last year.

It feels not long ago that Women In Sport published their report in 2014 ("SAY YES TO SUCCESS INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF WOMEN’S SPORT") about the journey that lay ahead for women's sport and getting commercial buy in and return for sponsors. It looks like we are thankfully much further along that journey now. It is an exciting time for women's sport, spectators and brands alike...

The Football Association has unveiled Barclays as the first sponsor of the newly professional Women’s Super League in what has been described as a groundbreaking multimillion-pound deal. The Guardian understands it is worth more than £10m over the next three seasons... According to the analytics firm Nielsen, the sponsorship is a record for women’s sport in the UK. First the first time there will be prize money in WSL, with £500,000 divided according to league position each season.


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