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Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board begin analysing multiple-screen viewing

ARB, the TV audience measurement body, announced that from 25 September 2018 they will make available  programme viewing figures across four devices (TV, tablets, PCs and smartphones) in the United Kingdom. The “four-screen” viewing figures are the first stage of the on-going Project Dovetail, an initiative established to meet the TV and advertising industry’s need to understand the way in which viewers are consuming content on devices other than the traditional TV set. The multiple-screen audience figures will be published on BARB’s Dashboard eight days post-transmissions and back-dated figures are also available for programmes broadcast from 27 August this year.

On the launch of the service, BARB’s Chief Executive, Justine Thomas said “Today we reach another milestone in the delivery of Project Dovetail, which is designed to meet industry expectations for a trusted cross-platform audience currency. This is an ambitious project, as there are many challenges in delivering multiple-screen audience figures to the rigorous standards expected of a joint industry currency such as BARB.”