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New CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Exposed Employees of Essential Businesses

With expanded testing available, employers are increasingly faced with employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19, but want to continue working for essential businesses.  The CDC has provided new guidance for individuals who may have been exposed to someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19, but remain asymptomatic, which does not contain a 14-day quarantine period.  

Specifically, these employees can continue working so long as they are asymptomatic, the employer measures their temperature and assesses symptoms prior to starting work, they wear a mask, engage in social distancing, and areas they access are cleaned and disinfected.  

If the exposed employee does develop symptoms, anyone who had contact with the employee during the time they had symptoms or two days prior to those symptoms should be considered exposed

To ensure continuity of operations of essential functions, CDC advises that critical infrastructure workers may be permitted to continue work following potential exposure to COVID-19, provided they remain asymptomatic and additional precautions are implemented to protect them and the community.

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