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The Netherlands: information on Central Exclusion Register published (land based)

As we indicated in an earlier post, the KSA intended to organize information sessions/workshops on CRUKS (the Central Exclusion Register for games of chance). In light of the COVID-19 crisis, it is not possible to organize physical meetings. Therefore, the KSA has now published the new information on CRUKS online in Dutch (available here).

CRUKS: Land based vs remote operators

Both remote gambling operators as well as land based operators will be required to employ CRUKS. CRUKS will be one of the main instruments to prevent gambling addiction. The new information published, relates primarily to land based operators, as these operators will be required to have implemented CRUKS already on 1 January 2021, whereas remote gambling operators will only be able to apply for a licence as of that date. Nevertheless, the information is also useful to remote gambling operators.

What to do as a land based operator?

  1. When a player enters the operator’s premises: check whether the player is registered in CRUKS. Registered players must be refused entry.
  2. Implement (or develop) hard- and software solutions for employing CRUKS (the KSA recommends to combine this with the mandatory registration of visitors and age check).
  3. Inform your employees of the new legislation as of 1 January 2021.

How to connect to CRUKS?

  1. The procedures to connect with CRUKS and technical requirements will be published in May 2020.
  2. Technical connectivity sessions for land based operators will be organized as of June 2020.

How does CRUKS work?

  1. Registration of players in CRUKS can be achieved in two ways:
    1. Voluntary registration by a player (for a minimum of six months, unless the player indicates that he/she wants to be excluded for a longer term); or
    2. Compulsory registration (always for a term of six months) by the KSA, following requests from operators or even relatives of the player.
  2. Consultation of the register by operators is compulsory, before a player is allowed to partake in gaming/gambling activities.
  3. Functioning of the CRUKS system. The CRUKS system works based on a HIT/NO HIT-system. It merely is a communication system that allows the consulting party to check whether a player is registered in CRUKS.

Furthermore, following the referral in March of the updated Remote Gambling Decree to Parliament (see our blog), Dutch members of Parliament have asked a wide array of questions. We expect the Minister to provide answers to those questions soon and will of course keep you updated on interesting topics in that regard.


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