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Sports continue to show the challenges created in bringing talent back during the COVID-19 pandemic

As more businesses are returning to work, including remote work forces involving very particular talent, organizations are beginning to come to grips with the challenges that they are facing.  Sports teams are a very high profile test case for this, which studios, producers, and employers should be monitoring in order to learn for their own situations.  Some key things to consider:

 - What happens when someone tests positive on a remote location?  Can you limit exposure enough, or is everyone going home?

 - What happens with the key talent just does not want to leave his or her family?  And if you're reading this Mr. Ovechkin, please don't do that .......

 - What is the tipping point, when the world around does not allow production or in-person business to go forward?

All of these concerns are occurring right now for the NHL, NWSL, MLS, NBA, and MLB -- and we can all gain valuable insights from the fits and starts that we will all be following in the coming months.

It seems unrealistic to expect the NHL or the NHLPA for that matter to keep tabs on literally hundreds of players who are outside the Phase 2 protocols. But it also appears that failing to keep tabs on them may cripple the NHL’s ability to return to action.

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