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Tensions involved in potential return of fans to stadiums for college sports

There is a saying that there is no place like Nebraska, and the current issues surrounding college football in the fall illustrates this point.  The Big 10 conference announced that it would not play football in the fall, and Nebraska immediately pushed back on this, essentially saying it would find a way to play now.  This is not just an issue of fans, but one thing to keep in mind is that the entire economy of Lincoln, and essentially the state, is based around Big Red football -- where the stadium is the third largest city on the state on game days.  This certainly complicates how teams evaluate responses to COVID-19, and shows how this is much more of a local issue than it is in other jurisdictions.  

So what happens next?  The answer is we don't know, but how this issue plays out will be very important for other teams in all sports, as the pandemic continues and hard decisions will need to be made throughout the country.

When all else fails in Nebraska, there is football. It transcends politics. Football bridges cultural differences. It is the strongest uniting force in the state, born into the DNA of the people, and a branch on which to grasp above the rushing flood waters of 2020 despair.


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