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Is AI part of the new sports media landscape?

All of us who have been enjoying live sports have seen the various approaches to the use of crowd noise during the TV coverage.  From no noise and delays to allow for the "salty" language you hear at some games, to pumped in noise to sound like a home game - it has been interesting.  Now at the US Open we'll see something else - the use of AI to choose reactions to key moments in the match to make the home viewing experience as realistic as possible.  This is just another really interesting use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, and likely other leagues will be watching closely to see how this compares to what has been done to date.

“We’re working with IBM to … leverage their history, the data that they’ve ingested over the years, every point in every match which includes the sound from those points, and the ability to now curate crowd noise that approximates the most similar situation from a real match as opposed to just having a generic sort of soundtrack that goes up or down,” said Lew Sherr, chief revenue officer of the U.S. Tennis Association, which owns and operates the Open.


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