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| less than a minute read

Remembering a legend

This week the world lost a true legend, former Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson.  You could see his impact during the coverage of the NBA playoffs, where so many commentators were wearing the trademark towel over their shoulder, but Big John resonates so much now during a time when we all organizations have to make key decisions about their people, and their path forward.  John Thompson was notorious for creating Hoya Paranoia, isolating his players from what was going on around them, and defending them at all costs.  Today, companies are faced with issues inside and outside of their organization, and are trying to navigate these trying times.  When faced with this, I think we can all remember Coach Thompson, and be sure to put our people and our program first, and do everything we can to defend both.

“John Thompson did what he thought was right, and what was in the best interest of his players and his program,’’ former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese says. “And he didn’t give a darn what you or I thought about it.’’