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Hello festivals, my old friend: DCMS launches inquiry to examine the future of UK music festivals

With the vast majority of UK music festivals having been cancelled in light of COVID-19, and the industry having seen a 90% reduction in its revenues, the 4.9 million people who attended a festival in the UK last year might find some solace in the news that the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee ("DCMS") has this week launched an inquiry, exploring Government policies which might support the UK music festivals due to take place in 2021.

Recognising the "worldwide reputation" of the UK's "legendary festivals" both large and small, and acknowledging the significant economic and cultural contributions they make, the DCMS has opened a call for evidence, canvassing input from festival staff, festival goers, musicians and interested parties on a variety of topics, from the impact of cancellations on local economies to potential COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies.

Those interested in contributing have until Wednesday 9 December 2020 to answer the survey, available here.


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