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Is COVID testing fans the future of sports?

As everyone comes to grips with the financial impact of not having fans in stadiums, we are seeing more interesting proposals to get people back in the stands.  In addition to the use of technology in stadiums, staggering entries, forcing fans to separate (with varying success), we may see COVID testing of fans that would allow more people to attend these events.  While this raises some privacy concerns, I think we all know that many people would be more than happy to do whatever it takes to see a game live -and clearly, there are some teams that are willing to take on the cost of such an aggressive testing regime to allow for that energy to come back in support of their teams.  

Lacob said the Warriors are prepared to spend upward of $30 million to test every fan, Warriors employee and player with the most accurate form of COVID-19 testing for each home game or day they come to Chase Center.


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