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| less than a minute read

Partial Settlement Continues USWNT Equal Pay Fight

In great news following the return of the USWNT's return to the field, the team settlement part of its long running equal pay lawsuit.  While not a complete resolution, it provides a large measure of equality with the men's team, and moves its appeal of the main equal pay claims forward.  And I along with most other fans applaud this, and hope these tactics help them achieve true equality moving forward.

“We are pleased that the USWNT players have fought for – and achieved – long overdue equal working conditions,” Molly Levinson, spokesperson for the players said in a statement released on Tuesday. “We now intend to file our appeal to the Court’s decision which does not account for the central fact in this case that women players have been paid at lesser rates than men who do the same job. We remain as committed as ever to our work to achieve the equal pay that we legally deserve.”


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