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Coffee, Cricket, Race and Inclusion

It's been hard not to have been touched by recent events unfolding in the world of cricket and, in particular, Azeem Rafiq's testimony at the DCMS select committee hearing last week.

As a life long cricket fan it was great therefore to catch up and discuss Cricket, Race and Inclusion (whilst having a coffee!) with my good friend and Employment Partner, Gurpreet Duhra.

It was great to share both our personal and professional reflections on the subject. We discuss our contrasting journey's growing up as well as some of our shared experiences in cricket.

Whilst at times over the past few weeks things may have felt rather bleak, ultimately we have both been encouraged by what feels like a watershed moment for the game. As an Employment Partner, Gurpreet shares his top tips for employers to create genuinely inclusive workforces.


uk, sport, diversity, inclusion, cricket

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