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Sharing of online gamblers' data moves a step closer

On 1 February 2022, the Betting and Gaming Council announced it had selected GAMSTOP to operate the trial phase of the proposed Single Customer View ("SCV"). SCV will see data gathered by gambling operators regarding individual player behaviours aggregated, and shared with other operators. We wrote about the proposal in further detail in October 2021, here.

Announcing the selection of GAMSTOP in The Times, Wes Himes, executive director for standards and innovation at the BGC, anticipates that testing of the system will commence at the end of March 2022.


Introduction of SCV is moving at a faster pace than many in the industry anticipated. Whilst there remains a number of unanswered questions as to how SCV will work in practice, its launch will undoubtedly be met with careful scrutiny by both regulators and gamblers alike.

"We are committed to ensuring the trial scheme which focuses on those most at risk is proportionate and effective. We are getting on with the work of change and once again demonstrating that despite the challenges and complexities, when it comes to safer gambling, technology is our friend." Wes Himes


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