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Event: FT Business of Football Summit (2-3 March)

Our MSE team look forward to sponsoring and attending Financial Times Live’s Business of Football Summit, taking place this coming Wednesday and Thursday (2-3 March). 

The event’s fourth edition will be held both virtually and in-person at The Biltmore Mayfair, London, and will focus on the pandemic’s major industry impacts, such as disruption, recovery and the struggle for power.

Our team’s involvement includes Jon Kenworthy, who will be panelling a session which discusses private equity’s future foray into football league investment. Paul Gray will be organising a roundtable discussion on the topic of Football Finance for the Future. Additional members attending to represent the firm include Lewis Gaut, John Cloke, Dylan Kennett, and our Global MSE Sector Co-chair, Nick Fitzpatrick.

We hope you engage with what is looking to be a dynamic and highly insightful event. 

Should you wish to find out more or register to attend, either in-person or online, please click through to FT Live's event website.

Details of our Professional Football experience and Sports Finance capabilities can be found on our sponsor page


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