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Global Film Incentives Guide - our new guide to financial support for production across the globe

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Global Film Incentives Guide – an easy to digest overview of the available financial support relevant to film and TV production in multiple jurisdictions across the world.

Film and TV production often takes place in international locations either if the storyline demands certain set piecing or, importantly, should production companies wish to minimise costs and manage their budgets more effectively. This guide provides you with a high-level insight into the incentives available per country to assist with location selection.

For each jurisdiction, the guide covers:

  • Types of available schemes
  • Scope of available schemes in terms of subject matter and territory
  • Restrictions for foreign companies
  • Minimum investment
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time frame to receive the incentive

We trust you will find this resource useful. Should you have any questions please reach out to the contacts indicated in the relevant country chapters.

To access the guide, complete the request form by clicking here.


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