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| 1 minute read

Loot Boxes: Spanish Government announces its intention to introduce new regulation

Spain's Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption, and Agenda 2030, led by Pablo Bustinduy, has announced their intention to introduce significant regulatory developments in the regulatory framework of the online gaming sector. In a recent interview, it has been confirmed that the ministry is actively working on legislation specifically targeting the regulation of 'loot boxes' in video games. The proposed law aims to categorize these random reward mechanisms as forms of gambling, particularly with a focus on protecting minors by restricting access for those below 18 years old. 

Simultaneously, the ministry has announced that it is a priority to enhance and improve age verification mechanisms for online lotteries, recognizing the need for robust controls to prevent minors from engaging in these games of chance. 

Finally and as already announced by the Spanish gambling regulator (DGOJ), the ministry is contemplating changes affecting the current configuration of deposit limits. The proposed changes include transitioning from operator-specific limits to universal daily, weekly and monthly caps, that would apply to players in all operators (instead of per operator system), preventing players from resetting limits by changing operators. This comprehensive strategy aims, according to the ministry to create a safer and more regulated gaming environment.


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