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X Games Ventura 24 promotes new feminine sport: women to compete on BMX in the park

X Games Ventura 2024 is back at the end of June, with a significant commitment to the progression of women's sport.  This year, X Games will boost the female sport talent by including the feminine competition on BMX event in the park discipline for the first time, and will also include the Skateboard Vert Best Trick discipline.

The BMX park competition is a thrilling event pertaining to extreme sports, where participants can show their skills and creativity as they navigate through a series of ramps, rails, and obstacles. While BMX has traditionally been male-dominated, the participation of female riders has been steadily growing and this has led to the rise of dedicated women's categories and events.

Women BMX park discipline has been present in other sport competitions for several years. This discipline debuted as an Olympic event at the Tokyo Games in 2020, despite being made an Olympic sport for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (only for men). BMX park has enjoyed gender parity in other relevant sport events for a while. A good example is the Extreme Barcelona urban sports festival, which offers a feminine competition on the Spanish BMX Freestyle Championships for several years. Extremo Barcelona also host women's competitions in five of its disciplines, making the event as one of the most gender-matched competitions in urban sports.

Surprisingly, Spain is on the lead of gender parity in extreme sports. In the third edition of the Madrid Urban Sports in 2023 women were also widely represented, with all disciplines present for women competition (BMX, Skateboard, Breaking and Scooter Park and Street).

X Games have made a broad advertising campaign in social media admitting that the women BMX inclusion has been demanded for several years, and under the “You asked, we listened!” call they announced,  they have included the Women BMX medal event in the park discipline. 

BMX racing is a sport discipline which emerged from the motocross craze in California in the 1960s, when young people started to race their bikes on improvised tracks. BMX started to be considered as a proper sport in the early 1980s, with the foundation of the International BMX Federation in 1981, and the first BMX world championship officially launched one year later. The inclusion of this discipline on the Olympics implied a significant boost to this sport, and the participation of women on increasingly more official competitions provides female riders with more opportunities to showcase their abilities on the same stage as their male counterparts.



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