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Gender stereotypes in advertising

In light of the ASA’s research into the potential harm and offence arising from the inclusion of gender stereotypes in adverts, and the potential harm caused by reinforcing limiting perceptions about how people should look or behave on account of their gender, the ASA implemented new rules on 14 June 2019.

DLA Piper’s Leadership Alliance for Women and Media, Sport and Entertainment Sector are delighted to invite you to a breakfast seminar where we will consider the impact of the ASA’s new rules banning harmful gender stereotypes in advertising.

Join us in London on 15 January 2020 where we will host a panel of industry leaders as they unpack the implications of these new rules; the industries reaction; and whether behaviours in designing advertising have changed.

The panel will be chaired by Claire Sng (DLA Piper), with panellists including Kate Dale (Sport England), Yani Davis (Unilever) and Chloe Nankivell (Dentsu Aegis).


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