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DLA Piper advise on Fnatic/UNICEF esports charity stream feat. Marcus Rashford

DLA Piper have advised UNICEF on its first ever streaming partnership with leading esports organisation Fnatic as part of the #GotYourBack campaign. 

The streaming event kicks off 23rd January where English footballer Marcus Rashford will participate with Fnatic FIFA player Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt. 

The funds raised throughout the campaign will contribute towards UNICEF programs around the world such as its child friendly spaces initiative. Child-friendly spaces offer a safe place where children can be children, where they can learn and play together. These sanctuaries also offer essential health services such as vaccinations and counselling and help to protect children from exploitation and trafficking. 

Speaking on the #GotYourBack campaign, Marcus Rashford said: “I have experienced the effects of toxic online behaviours myself, I know what that feels like, so partnering with UNICEF and Fnatic to promote positivity in gaming was a no-brainer for me. It’s important our platforms are used positively to offer a voice to causes and, in this case, children, who sometimes struggle to be heard. I’m very happy to provide that.”

Toxic behaviour is a widespread cause of problems in online gaming and other communities, with many players frequently experiencing racism, homophobia, sexism, hate speech and other forms of bullying through interactions with other gamers.


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