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FT Business of Football. Generating revenue – sponsorship, stadiums and brand alliances

The revenue mix in the football economy is more varied than ever, with clubs increasingly reliant on sponsorship, stadium expansion and other initiatives outside of media rights and ticket sales to power commercial growth. At the same time, international companies are looking for new ways to partner with clubs and leagues to expand their customer base. How are the big clubs using other brands to drive growth and vice versa? Why does football sponsorship command such high fees? Who are some of the big players trying to enter the sport? How are ethical issues, such as betting regulations and anti-racism initiatives, affecting the market? How viable is stadium building and financing?

Nick Fitzpatrick, Co-chair of the Media, Sports and Entertainment sector at DLA Piper, answered the above questions on a panel at the FT business of football summit.

DLA are pleased to have partnered with the FT to deliver one of the London’s premier sports conferences on “The Business of Football”. Partners Nick Fitzpatrick and Rob Mackie both spoke on issues as diverse as gambling, “dealmaking” in the context of sports M&A, trends in commercial partnerships and the impact of Coronavirus.


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