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Gambling revenue around esports set to double in 2020

We've been watching the rise of esports with interest during the COVID-19 pandemic, and apparently gamblers have as well.  Gambling revenue is expected to double to $14 billion in 2020, with many people starting to gamble on these games for the first time. With the rise of legalized gambling in the US, and Nevada sports books now taking best on 6 esports leagues, these revenues are likely to continue to increase, even after we are able to see athletes compete (on TV at least) this year.

The research also reveals a shifting interest towards other betting properties such as esports, with 36 per cent of gamblers having made a bet on competitive gaming in the last three months. It also found that 30 per cent of consumers betting on esports have only started to do so within the last month. Moreover, 22 per cent of gamblers who have not tried betting on esports before revealed that they will consider doing so within the next three months.


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