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New FAQs - Occasional raffles in Spain

Under Spanish provisions, the offering of raffles is only permitted on occasional basis. This means that it is not possible to obtain an authorization or license for the offering of raffles on permanent basis, but it is only permitted to obtain sporadic authorizations to offer them from time to time (once a year). In order to increase the knowledge of the requirements for the organization or participation in gaming activities of “occasional raffles" is Spain, the General Directorate for Gaming Affairs (DGOJ) has published a document with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) which concern companies aiming to offer this type of activities.

The document published by the DGOJ aims to resolve those doubts that may arise for interested promoters, in relation to the basic characteristics of this type of occasional games, the process for obtaining the corresponding authorizations, the documentation that must be filed in order to apply for the corresponding authorizations, the type of prizes that can be offered in Spain or the tax implications of the said organization.

The document is available here.


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