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| 1 minute read

Gambling Laws of the World - A global comparative guide

We’re no longer in the .com era, when an online gambling and betting operator could offer its services globally through a single license and a single platform. Over the last ten or so years, the online gambling market has evolved. Jurisdictions have introduced local licensing regimes and restrictions relating, for instance, to gambling advertising.

Our Gambling Laws of the World guide provides insights to businesses and in-house lawyers on the options and potential restrictions when entering a new market. The guide is not meant to be exhaustive, but a high-level overview of the applicable regime as a starting point for deeper analysis.

This guide combines input from DLA Piper gambling law experts and best-friend law firms that we have a consolidated relationship with. Our global reach and sector knowledge make our firm the perfect one-stop-shop for any online gambling and betting business that wants to expand its footprint in multiple jurisdictions. 

We trust you will find this resource useful. Should you have any questions relating to any advertising or marketing law issue, please reach out to the contacts indicated in the relevant country chapters.

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