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| less than a minute read

ISBA launches the trial phase of its new cross-media ads measurement system

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) has just announced the launch of the trial phase of its "world-first" cross-media ads measurement system, which has broad industry backing from the largest brands and tech companies. ISBA has indicated that the new platform will be able to measure accurately the reach and frequency of advertising campaigns across all forms of media (TV, video, and digital display). 

The system has been designed using Kantar's data science capabilities and Accenture completed the build work for the new platform. This is an exciting development for advertisers and agencies, however it remains to be seen how the platform will operate in a "privacy safe" way. This is a key challenge for ad measurement solutions, particularly when the data matching of independently controlled personal datasets is involved. 

Tom George, chief executive of Origin, described the company as a “UK prototype for a global framework”, and added that the platform would split from the ISBA to form an independent company in the next year. The ISBA said that the new system would be a “significant milestone in helping the UK advertising industry measure, report and plan cross-media campaigns”. It added that Origin would provide clarity “in an environment where technological advances have changed media-consumption habits dramatically — resulting in increasingly fragmented audiences for advertising and an explosion in the number of advertising formats available online”.