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| 1 minute read

Singapore: Resuming sports (in the digital realm)

During this circuit breaker period in Singapore, many live sports events and arts and culture events have been cancelled or postponed, with sports being particularly badly hit. 

Local theatres in Singapore have taken to showing recordings of past productions for free in the hope of capturing eyeballs, but there are only so many times you can watch the "Best Football Goals" before you start wishing for new sporting content. 

We have talked about the rise of esports before. As the pandemic continues, with players in sports with more contact such as football raising concerns about whether they should even start playing matches again, perhaps sporting fans can seek solace in eFootball for the time being. 

Esports is now an official SEA Games sport. The first global body for esports, the Global Esports Federation, was established last year and is headquartered in Singapore. And as Tampines Rovers midfielder Joel Chew found out late last month during the FIFA "Stay and Play" Asian series, professional footballers have what it takes to be good esports players as well. 

Perhaps 2020 will be the year for esports (and we may well see some professional footballers dipping their toes in as well). 

Even though it is not like real football, it is something to entertain us for the time being. As soon as the circuit breaker is over, we can go back to our normal lives. We are glad to bring home the win for the country.


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