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Advertising Laws of the World - our new guide to advertising regulation around the globe

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Advertising Laws of the World guide – a practical introduction to the laws governing advertising in 13 key global jurisdictions.

The guide serves as a starting point for advertisers, ad publishers and agencies alike, helping them to understand the regimes for ad clearance and compliance in their key markets.

For each jurisdiction, the guide covers:

  • General law on advertising
  • Self-regulatory systems
  • Misleading advertising
  • Social responsibility
  • Comparative advertising
  • Sustainability and ESG claims; and
  • Sector-specific regulations, in particular in the financial services, food and beverages. gambling, and pharmaceuticals sectors.

We trust you will find this resource useful. Should you have any questions relating to any advertising or marketing law issue, please reach out to the contacts indicated in the relevant country chapters.

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