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GDPR Fines and Data Breach Survey 2022

Data protection was once an overlooked area of the law, certainly in the media, sport and entertainment sector. Several years ago, during a high profile media case in the London High Court, a data protection specialist was once famously introduced to the court as "the anaesthetist". Yet as a senior Google executive has memorably described, concern over privacy now runs through business and, in particular, the business of digital media and online content, like a live rail on a train track.

Treading without care can bring a nasty wake-up for those still sleep-walking. Fines and regulatory sanctions as well as potential civil liability under the EU and UK GDPR make data protection compliance a priority for everyone alongside wider privacy law and content regulation. 

The GDPR does include a derogation for journalistic purposes and for academic, artistic and literary expression but local implementing laws vary and these are certainly not a blanket exemption for media, sport and entertainment. 

Accordingly, our 2022 GDPR Fines and Data Breach Survey is very relevant reading for this sector.

Data protection supervisory authorities across Europe have issued a total of nearly EUR1.1 billion (USD1.2 / GBP0.9 billion) in fines since 28 January 2021


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