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| 1 minute read

Square peg, four-dimensional hole: Applying existing regulatory frameworks to the Metaverse

The metaverse is not “new”, but there is no denying it’s increasingly becoming a focal point of media, sports and entertainment industries. This interest is owed in large part to rapidly developing technology and connectivity, which make it apparent that it will not only be feasible but likely that we will live, at least part-time, in a hyper-connected, digital world—if we don’t already.

What will be the framework for this new society, both form a legal and ethical perspective? Are we already playing catch-up, given that we still haven’t figured out the contours of how to govern the Internet in its current “Web 2.0” form? 

Join us on 27 September when Ryan Black (DLA Piper Canada) will moderate a discussion with Tom Ara (DLA Piper US), Yue Lin Lee (DLA Piper Hong Kong) and Micaela Mantegna (TED Fellow, Berkman Klein Center at Harvard affiliate,  Women in Games Argentina founder) to explore the potentials and pitfalls inherent in the development of the metaverse.

This session forms part of our Media, Sport and Entertainment which brings together key industry executives to explore an eclectic mix of issues, themes and trends across a range of topics in the media, sport and entertainment sectors, from sports data, streaming services, gambling and major events, to NFTs, ESG issues, diversity and inclusion, agreement withdrawals and more.

We hope that you are able to join us for what are set to be lively and engaging sessions, to suit all levels of professionals across the sector.

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