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Tools & Products - Guiding you through an ever-evolving landscape

Forward thinking and client-centric, we advise all types of media, sport and entertainment companies. They count on us to guide them through their M&A, regulatory, corporate, financing, transactional and other business activities. We help them succeed in a dynamic consumer- and technology-led market by providing pragmatic and commercial advice.

We have a number of tools and products to help you navigate the world of media, sport and entertainment - whether it be informing your business strategy on which market to enter by comparing the law between jurisdictions, or keeping up to date on the latest hot topics by podcast - we have a range of content for you to explore.


Global Film Incentives Guide


Describing the financial support models based on seven basic aspects, we have made it easier to compare film incentive models in a number of jurisdictions globally. The guide will give you an introductory picture of the scale of financial support available.

Navigating the regulatory maze: A global guide to loot boxes in video gaming

Fantasy Futuristic mystery loot box case opening up to reveal its surprise contents. 3D illustration.


This guide to helps you through this dynamic regulatory terrain, ensuring you are informed and confident in your gaming endeavors. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools and insight to facilitate your journey through an industry that is under constant and intense review by various regulatory authorities.

Gambling Laws of the World


This guide combines input from our gambling law experts and best-friend law firms that we have a consolidated relationship with. Our global reach and sector knowledge make our firm the perfect one-stop-shop for any online gambling and betting business that wants to expand its footprint in multiple jurisdictions. 

Esports Laws of the World


The esports market has been booming over the last years, but unfortunately, or fortunately, in some cases, regulations have not been able to catch up. Gambling, sports, and prize promotion/advertising rules might apply to esports events, impose restrictions or grant exemptions, depending on how and where they are organized. We hope this guide will help you to flag potential issues and solutions.

Advertising Laws of the World

Online programmatic advertising in feed on computer screen. Optimize advertisement target optimize click through rate and conversion. Ads dashboard digital marketing strategy analysis for branding .


A practical introduction to the laws governing advertising in a number of key global jurisdictions. The guide serves as a starting point for advertisers, ad publishers and agencies alike, helping them to understand the regimes for ad clearance and compliance in their key markets.

Influencer Marketing Guide: What your business needs to know


Influencer marketing continues to play an increasingly important role in marketing strategies. However, there are numerous legal challenges for influencers and the brands they cooperate with, and influencer marketing remains a focus for advertising regulators around the world.  This guide provides an overview of legal frameworks in key jurisdictions for influencer marketing. 

Racism in Sport: Options Paper


Our Racism in sport: options paper, led by our Responsible Business team, draws on the expertise of our D&I professionals, sports litigators, IP and public lawyers to analyse the current legal, regulatory and governance landscape and makes a series of recommendations to stamp out racism from modern day sports.

MSE Podcast

radio interview, podcast recording - business people talking in broadcasting studio

In this series, we explore the latest trends and challenges facing businesses today and how they must evolve to meet them, both in the short and the longer term. Each episode, our leading lawyers and guest speakers from across the worlds of media, sport and entertainment, discuss market and legal insight on a wide range of issues.

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