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| 1 minute read

New edition of guide to Prize Promotions Around the World launched

The fifth edition of DLA Piper’s guide to Prize Promotions Around the World is now available.

As social media, ecommerce and other online platforms proliferate in our increasingly networked era, prize promotions remain a popular marketing tool used globally by businesses to attract and engage customers. While they are an attractive, cost efficient means of reaching a large, multi-jurisdictional audience, they are not without their legal challenges.  This is an area of law which varies significantly between countries (even within the European Union), and there is potential for significant liability in some jurisdictions for businesses that fail to comply.

This Guide covers the spectrum of prize promotions from lucky draws/sweepstakes to skill-based competitions, and is designed to assist clients with the management of the early development stages of a promotion and to bring potentially problematic issues to their attention as soon as possible.

Now updated and covering 40 jurisdictions, including the new addition of South Africa, this edition of the guide also features a new section on the ‘hot topics’ in prize promotions regulation, with recurring themes including social media and influencer marketing, promotions involving loot boxes, and scrutiny of promotions targeting minors.



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